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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

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Empowerment Shareholding



Enterprise Development


ERB Technologies have engaged the services of Lumwe Technologies (Pty) Ltd, which is a 100%

black-owned company. The company is provided with office space and use of all infrastructure to conduct business. Financial, administrative support and training are provided.


ERB’s top management spend time mentoring and equipping the management team of Lumwe

Technologies (Pty) Ltd with the aim of creating a local competitive supplier.


Skills Development



ERB Technologies is committed to the education of

  • Supervisors, Technicians, Artisans and Wireman in the disciplines of: Signalling, Electrical Work and
  • Electronic Engineering
  • IPC Standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources/Industrial Relations
  • Finance and Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • CAD Design


Female Learnership Programme

ERB has an in-service training policy and strives to train and develop previously disadvantaged

individuals. In addition to this training, ERB has entered into a learnership and mentorship programme for woman. ERB staff have trained and developed fifteen young black women in-service in various disciplines within the railway signalling business. Twelve of these young women have been permanently employed and it is the intention of ERB Technologies to continue training black female learners in this way. Training for black women at FET colleges and universities forms part of the company’s learnership programme.

Social Development


To contribute to South Africa’s future skills pool, ERB supports the education of black learners from school to tertiary level.


Supplier Development


ERB Technologies have continuously been committed to obtaining unemployed persons from the local community to perform work such as: trenching, cable laying, trench back-fill and installation of signalling wayside equipment under supervision. Due to the complexity of the signalling installations, it is necessary for ERB to employ skilled and semi-skilled labour permanently to provide uninterrupted in-service training.


ERB Technologies procure trenching and cable laying materials from local suppliers within the local communities where the site is established.


ERB endeavor to maximise expediture with suppliers who have the most optimal combination of technological capability, competitive pricing and high scorecard BBBEE accreditation thus empowering less advantaged suppliers.

Employment Equity


ERB recognises the challenges faced by the fledgling democracy in which it operates. It is proud of its achievements in the field of employment equity.









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11 Lechwe Avenue

(Corner Lechwe & Suni)

Corporate Park South

Old Johannesburg Road

Randjespark, Midrand


Tel:  +27(0)11 314 8528

Fax: +27(0)11 314 0480

Cell: +27(0)83 457 6475

Cell: +27(0)82 569 3880

11 Lechwe Avenue

(Corner Lechwe & Suni)

Corporate Park South

Old Johannesburg Road

Randjespark, Midrand


Tel: +27(0)11 314 8528

Fax: +27(0)11 314 0480

Cell: +27(0)83 457 6475

Cell: +27(0)82 569 3880